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Mac Pro? Yes please!
1 min read

Mac Pro? Yes please!

I finally gave into fate and picked up a Mac Pro, which is pretty much the fastest desktop money can buy right now. What can I say? I mean really. It’s so freakin’ awesome I can’t see straight — it’s a safe bet that I’m going to be on a nerd high (the girlfriend’s term for my, uhh, excitement) for quite some time.

When four processors isn’t enough

While this little brushed aluminum Ferrari has more horsepower than I’ll likely ever be able to use (I don’t yet do much with DV), if ever the time comes that I need to simulate the effects of global warming or predict where the next hurricane is headed, the upgrade possibilities of this machine should have me covered. As AnandTech recently announced, they’ve been able to get Intel’s as-yet-unreleased, quad-core Clovertown chip to play nice with the Mac Pro right out of the box: We grabbed a pair of 2.4GHz Clovertown samples [that’s 8 cores] and tossed them in the system, and to our pleasure, they worked just fine. Umm, yah. 🙂

The migration was seamless

The transference of data from my old PowerBook G4 to the new machine could not have been easier:

  1. Boot the new machine.
  2. Use Firewire to connect the new machine to the old machine.
  3. Boot the old machine into target disk mode.
  4. Transfer everything.
  5. Reboot the new machine and voilà, it’s like I never left the old one (except for that whole speed thing).
  6. Change the name of the disk on the new machine to match that of the old machine.
  7. Start SuperDuper! and let it sync with the external drive I use to mirror my Mac each night.
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