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Upgrading the Mac Pro's memory
1 min read

Upgrading the Mac Pro's memory

Update: I’ve received nothing but positive feedback regarding OWC.

Since buying my Mac Pro a little over a month ago, I’ve been patiently waiting for memory prices to drop before putting another gigabyte (512×2) in the system. While most RAM these days is fairly cheap, the fully-buffered DIMMs required by the Mac Pro (specifically, PC5300 DDR2 ECC 667MHz) are still sold at a premium.

Crucial has what I want for $300 (curiously, Apple’s price is the same, which I’ve never seen before — they’re always more expensive), but a company called Other World Computing has the system crack for $249. Any of you guys have experience with OWC’s memory? I normally wouldn’t think twice about getting this from Crucial, but the price difference between the two (after having to pay taxes on Crucial’s memory) is ~$75, and from what I can gather, these OWC guys are legit.

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