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For the USPS, a tip
1 min read

For the USPS, a tip

Perhaps, before claiming that you offer a tracking service, you should look up the meaning of the word. My understanding is that I’m to input a tracking number, supplied by you, into your website. It is also my understanding that you are to monitor the package represented by that tracking number as it progresses from sender to recipient, and that I’m to be told where it is, where it’s going next, and how long until it’s in my hands.

Curious then that I wasn’t notified of any pit stops my package may have made along its 1800-mile journey over the last three days. In fact, the only thing I received from you concerning my package’s movement was a notification that it had been delivered. While it was great to receive confirmation that the package I was holding in my hand was the one I was expecting and not the one I wasn’t expecting, it would have been nice to know when it was to arrive and how it was getting along in the interim.

Maybe you’re just trying to set yourself apart from the myriad other parcel services that actually update you as to the whereabouts of your package. I’m obviously being facetious, or am I? Given that this is the third time I’ve experienced this non-communication, I’m actually starting to believe my own sarcasm. Keep up the good work.

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