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Smart Archives v1.6
1 min read

Smart Archives v1.6

I’ve just updated Smart Archives to bring it into full compliance with WordPress v2.1, which was released a couple of weeks ago. I probably would have sat on this for a while were it not for the constant e-mails from SA users alerting me to the fact that the latest WP update was breaking some things.

The problems were minute and I was able to whip up a fix in less than five minutes, which amounted to nothing more than changing all instances of $tableposts (which has been deprecated) to $wpdb->posts, and adding another argument to all of the SQL queries to draw a distinction between posts and pages (which are actually just a type of post).

Unfortunately, the changes have required me to ‘fork’ the code, and so from here on out there will be two versions of Smart Archives, one for WP 2.0- and one for WP 2.1+.

The new version is now available on the project page. Please e-mail me should you have any trouble.

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