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The unavailability of Thai milk tea and other things that grate
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The unavailability of Thai milk tea and other things that grate

Am I the only person who would kill for one of the chain coffee houses to start carrying Thai milk tea? I don’t know what it is about this creamy concoction, but I’m utterly addicted to it and usually order it whenever it’s available. I’ve found that it’s mostly relegated to Thai/Vietnamese restaurants, but I’ve also come across it at various boba shops in the area, though it’s always way overpriced considering its constituent parts and the ease with which it is made. OK, so that begs the question: why don’t you make it yourself? Simple, I’m lazy.

Speaking of lazy, I’ve been trying out McDonald’s coffee lately because, well, they have signs up that say, let us add the cream and sugar. You read that right, I go to McDonald’s because they’ll mix up my coffee for me, except when they don’t. You see, I’ve now gone three times, once through the drive-thru where something like this would make the most sense, and twice inside, and not once have they added the sugar and cream for me. The story is always the same: I ask for coffee, they ask if I would like cream and sugar, I say yes, they ignore the machine that’s right behind them that performs this wonder while standing under the sign that says let us add the cream and sugar, and then they hand me my coffee parts and I do the manual labor while screaming on the inside.

I’ve asked, in no uncertain terms, the meaning of the sign, and cannot, for the life of me, get a coherent, sensible explanation of why, after I fork over $1.50, I’m still made to mix everything up myself. I’ve even asked what that machine does, but the response I got back was one of confusion; I could tell this lady thought she was in trouble (I don’t speak whatever language she was whispering in, but she was scared) and so I backed off.

Remove the sign or add the cream and sugar for me!

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