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How to get me to buy something I might otherwise not
1 min read

How to get me to buy something I might otherwise not

  1. Make part, or all of it, transparent, so that I can watch it work (or simply see its constituent parts if non-moving).
  2. Fabricate part, or all of it, out of carbon fiber.
  3. Give it Wi-Fi (I don’t care if it’s an ant farm, a toaster, or a pepper grinder).
  4. Convince me that I need it, even when I absolutely do not, by making sure it’s the best thing in the world for the job. I have to have some ammunition to defend the purchase when the inevitable do-you-actually-use-it question comes about. Well, not really, but look at it! No other ABC can do XYZ faster/better/etc. Do you see it!? What do you mean you don’t care? Wait…

Any combination of the above and I’ll likely pay double or triple what any sensible person would already call too much.

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