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Poll: What do you think about an integrated RSS feed?
1 min read

Poll: What do you think about an integrated RSS feed?

Update: This poll has been closed. Thanks for participating.

I’ve been debating for a while the possibility of interjecting, into the main feed, the linked-list posts (or, to be more accurate, not separating them to begin with). The thing is, I don’t want three feeds (i.e., main, linked-list, and main+linked-list), and so if I were to go through with this, I’d just turn the main feed into main+linked-list and then do away with the linked-list feed altogether. I don’t think this change would cause too much havoc as most, if not all, of the people subscribed to the linked-list feed are also subscribed to the main feed.

I obviously would set the linked-list posts off from the regular entries somehow; probably by prefacing them with something like, [bit]. Creative, I know — it’s what I do.

What do you think about an integrated RSS feed?

  • Works for me. (71%)
  • The fact that you’re even entertaining the idea makes me want to unsubscribe from your site altogether. (0%)
  • Feeds? What? Your constant blabbering about feeds over the last five years has just made me hungry; I still have no idea what you’re talking about, nor do I care. (29%)
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