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E-mail survival
1 min read

E-mail survival

Lately I’m finding myself further delaying the answering of questions I receive through e-mail (from people I don’t know) by responding to them, some two+ months old, with, Are you using the latest version of the plugin? or What’s the address of your site? Let me take a look. Sometimes I’ll just flat-out say, Have you resolved the issue since you wrote me? Best case, they have answered their own question and I can take it off my plate. Worst case, I have another couple of weeks to give a substantive response to their original e-mail.

For the e-mails that don’t contain questions, it’s now not uncommon for me to reply with a simple Thank you or Good point, whereas five years ago I probably would have engaged the writer much more and attempted to enter into some sort of sub-surface dialog.

Horrible, I know, but desperate times…

At least I haven’t declared e-mail bankruptcy.

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