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I'm addicted to food shows
1 min read

I'm addicted to food shows

Even though I’ve never prepared a square meal, I can’t stop watching shows about food. The irony here cannot be overstated, and saying that I’ve never made a square meal is actually giving me too much credit; if I’m coming clean, the most I’ve ever made is grilled chicken on a George Foreman grill. I’m 27 years old!

It’s well known within my circle that I absolutely do not cook, nor do I even stock my kitchen with microvable (or other) food anymore because I eat it all within two days of buying it (which belies my somewhat diminutive size) — it’s cheaper to just eat out (I’ll argue that math all day long).

The point is, I have no idea why I’m so fascinated with food shows, and why, when I plop down in front of the TV, they always seem to take precedence over everything else on my DVR (save maybe, some guilty-pleasure, tasteless reality TV).

Some of my favorites:

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