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iPhone v2.0 and my near-future plans
1 min read

iPhone v2.0 and my near-future plans

I’ll likely get rid of my iPhone sometime in the next few months; just like every mobile phone and PDA (remember those!?!) I’ve ever owned, I’m guessing I’ll tire of it rather quickly and soon be on the hunt for the next best thing¹ (if you’ve any doubt about my, uhh, addiction, take a look at a piece I penned almost three years ago on how to manage mobile phone purchases). However, the difference this time around, and for the foreseeable future, is that there will be no hunt — the next best thing is going to be the next iteration of the iPhone. Can any of us go back to a pre-iPhone phone after playing with this thing for a few days? Everything else is kind of laughable at this point and I think it’s going to be at least a couple of years before the iPhone begins to see any legitimate competition.

The best part about Apple making mobile phones is that I no longer have to scour the earth looking for the new hotness and then hoping that it’s unlocked, uses GSM, and costs less than $1000. The worst part about Apple making mobile phones is that I’ll now be the rule instead of the exception (and I think part of me kind of enjoyed being the exception).

I’m no longer going to be told, as I once was by some law school friends, that I should just fly to Singapore and wait at the end of an assembly line. Now I’m just going to be in the Apple line with everyone else.

  1. A notable exception is the wonderful BlackBerry Pearl, which I would have held onto until at least v2.0 were it not for the iPhone.
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