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Help, I need a point-and-shoot camera
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Help, I need a point-and-shoot camera

I came to the realization a few months ago that my dSLR just wasn’t going to cut it for all occasions and that I needed a smaller option, something a little less cumbersome. I’ve been on the fence about the Leica D-LUX 3 for a while now, and just can’t seem to get myself over the hump. While I’m willing to spend $600 on a point-and-shoot, it’s hard for me to justify the cost in light of every reviewer’s warning that it produces noisy images. I’ve no doubt that mechanically, the D-LUX 3 is second to none, but if they can’t get the electronics right, I can’t spend that kind of money, despite its ability to save to RAW, which is rare for a compact camera and something I really want.

For the past few weeks I’ve had my eyes on the recently-announced (though not yet available) Canon SD950 IS, and just when I had somewhat resigned myself to pre-ordering it, Scott Beale got me thinking about companies other than Canon and Leica when last week he gushed about the brand new Fujifilm FinePix F50se.

There’s no question that I’ve a certain affinity for Canon — I’ve owned a few PowerShots, currently use a Canon dSLR, only buy Canon glass, recommend their products to everyone, etc. — and would love to add another of their models to my collection, but the FinePix has me doing a double-take; it’s at least $150 cheaper than the Canon and supports full manual and aperture priority shooting modes (I generally shoot in aperture priority mode on the dSLR, and would like similar control over the non-dSLR).


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