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Body Worlds
1 min read

Body Worlds

The girlfriend and I recently experiencedBody Worlds at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic (me? never), it was probably the coolest exhibit I’ve ever seen, and if I’m being completely honest, quite moving. While the $22 admission price may seem a little steep, I assure you it’s worth your time and money. In fact, I may go again, and will certainly go to the various other Body Worlds exhibits should I find myself proximate to another hosting city.

Speaking of our bodies, you may want to have your TiVo grab National Geographic’s Incredible Human Machine, which airs October 21:

NGC takes viewers on a two-hour journey through an ordinary, and extraordinary, day-in-the-life of the human machine. With stunning high-definition footage, radical scientific advances and powerful firsthand accounts, Incredible Human Machine plunges deep into the routine marvels of the human body.

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