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Suggestions for a new notebook cushion?
1 min read

Suggestions for a new notebook cushion?

I’ve written at length many times before on the subject of laptop cushions/stands, and most recently with regard to the Belkin CushTop, which I love (and actually own two of). However, the effusive praise given the CushTop in the arforelinked post was born of its use with a MacBook Air, which I no longer own (I consolidated my Mac Pro and Air with a single MacBook Pro). I really dislike using the MacBook Pro with the CushTop because the MBP’s weight causes it to slide around way too much, especially given the incline. It’s hard to get into any kind of groove when you’re (admittedly overly) worried that your baby’s about to slide to its death.

What I need is something maybe a little shorter than the CushTop, and which also has a lip or some other mechanism to stop the laptop from sliding off the front. Coincidentally, last week Belkin released the CushDesk, which looks to be exactly what I want, save the lip element. While I’ll have to reserve final judgement until I can see one in person, I’m fairly certain that the little rubber strip near the front just isn’t tall enough to allay my sliding-baby fear.

I’ll probably end up buying the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk on the hope that it provides enough friction to hold the laptop in place, but I doubt it does. Worst case, I guess I could place adhesive rubber stops at the front of any cushion I get.

Anyway, if you’ve something you think fits the bill, please let me know: email / Twitter.

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