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Can you recommend an audiologist in Silicon Valley?
1 min read

Can you recommend an audiologist in Silicon Valley?

After having owned, over the past decade or so, nearly every damn pair of headphones/earphones on the market, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and get a pair of custom in-ear monitors. I’ve done more research on the matter than I’ll ever admit, but one thing I can’t seem to decide on is an audiologist.

As you may know, custom earphones require that the manufacturer have high-viscosity silicone molds of each of your ears, which means you have to find an audiologist to create your impressions. The only thing most people seem to agree on regarding audiologists is that they aren’t all the same, and if they don’t get your impressions right the first time, it’s very likely that your custom monitors won’t fit correctly and you’ll have to go through the whole process again (i.e., create new molds, send molds to manufacturer, wait…, etc.).

In an effort to keep me out of that loop, I’d appreciate hearing from you (email/Twitter) if you’ve had a good experience in Silicon Valley with respect to the procedure discussed above (and specifically with respect to an open-mouth impression, full shell with a CIC canal).

(For those wondering, I’ve settled on JH Audio’s JH 13 Pro in-ear monitors. Yes, they are very expensive, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a small price to pay for what arguably are the best cans on the planet. Further, this should temper for a while my propensity to upgrade, etc.)

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