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You should follow me on Twitter
1 min read

You should follow me on Twitter

If you’re a long-time reader of this site, you should follow me on Twitter, where I provide an endless stream of wit and sarcasm, for free. Oh, I also talk ad nauseum about whatever gadget I’ve just bought (or am thinking about buying), Mac/iPhone software I’m currently using/hating/loving, books I’m reading (via the Kindle DX of course), etc., most of which discussions never make it here. (You mustn’t forget my other role as an IP attorney, which is Latin for most days I don’t have time to type more than 140 non-work characters at a stretch.) Only on Twitter can the gamut of my neuroses, pessimism and (sometimes!) delight be explored, nay, celebrated. Yeah, it’s basically a celebration of thought and observation. Get it? See what I did there? Ah, never mind.

Further, I always respond on Twitter, and usually within a day, because I’m constrained to 140 characters and don’t feel ‘guilty’ when a response can be handled with less than that (or, gasp, more, like when I use two tweets!). (I always respond to email too, but, well, sometimes it takes me a year or more because I like to imagine that multiple horses have to trek my letter from California to New York, where it gets loaded onto a steam-powered ship carrying tobacco to Europe, where, in the basement of some old Parisian bar the reader finally pores over every word by candlelight. Truth is, most of my email is from people I don’t know, a group to which I feel increasingly less obliged to respond to in a hurry, especially when the response is going to take me more than a few minutes. Also, with a large queue, the aggregated time required to respond adds up quickly. Finally, I probably should have made this a footnote instead of a parenthetical that now is as long as the rest of this post.)

Anyway, see you there. (If you’re a long-time reader, then please @message me on Twitter to let me know; I’ll be much more inclined to follow you back as we likely have very similar interests, etc.)

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