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Make QuickCursor work with WriteRoom 2.5
1 min read

Make QuickCursor work with WriteRoom 2.5

Did the latest WriteRoom 2.5 update break QuickCursor support for you? Read on for the simple fix.

After beating myself over the head wondering why the hell nothing was happening when I invoked WriteRoom via QuickCursor, it dawned on me that the descriptor for WriteRoom may have changed since this was the first time it was available via the Mac App Store, and that maybe this was causing the disconnect between the apps.

Sure enough, the CFBundleIdentifier value in WriteRoom’s Info.plist file was com.hogbaysoftware.WriteRoom.mac, and QuickCursor (which was last updated before this latest version of WriteRoom) was identifying WriteRoom with com.hogbaysoftware.WriteRoom, which is why QuickCursor was doing nothing when I told it to use WriteRoom—as far as it was concerned the editor no longer existed on my machine.

The fix is easy:

  1. Open the Info.plist file inside the package;
  2. Append .mac to the com.hogbaysoftware.WriteRoom string; and
  3. Restart QuickCursor.

Update: Oops! Looks like all of this was covered in the blog post discussing WriteRoom 2.5’s release. Ugh.

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