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A typical buyer/seller exchange on Craigslist
1 min read

A typical buyer/seller exchange on Craigslist

As some of you know, I recently sold my 11 MacBook Air on Craigslist (I’ll maybe discuss why in a subsequent post), and the following is an actual exchange I had last week with a potential buyer, which exchange is typical of the kind you often have to deal with when selling stuff on Craigslist. (For those curious, there were 39 total emails, 24 of which were from him.) I’m guessing most people probably would have just stopped replying to this guy near the beginning of the conversation, but, well, I have a hard time doing that when they seem so eager and honest.

Before you watch it, understand that the ad made clear that I wasn’t interested in trades, and that the price was firm.

(For what it’s worth, this potential buyer was Asian-American, but Xtranormal doesn’t offer that voice as an option. Because all of the foreign voices it has are nearly unintelligible (they’re so bad that I wonder why they’re offered at all), I went with an American English man voice for me, and an American English boy voice for him.)

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