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How to set custom field values with WordPress' iOS apps
1 min read

How to set custom field values with WordPress' iOS apps

Yesterday I wrote about how my Slugger+ plugin can be used to set a post slug with the official WordPress iOS apps. While that plugin brings those (and similar) apps closer to being full-featured, I still wanted the ability to set custom field values from within the apps.

On this site I use a custom field to control the RSS permalinks of my link posts; because the WordPress iOS apps don’t let me access custom fields, I can’t write and publish linked list-type posts from within them. Gah!

Working from the Slugger+ plugin, late last night I hacked up a solution to this problem, and I’m calling it CF Setter. It works in a manner similar to Slugger+, and to use it you simply insert into the body of your draft post, text of the form: [cf]custom-field-value[/cf]. That’s it!

The combination of Slugger+ and CF Setter means that blogging with the WordPress iOS apps is now a real alternative for those on the go.

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