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Twelve South understands customer service
1 min read

Twelve South understands customer service

Andrew, the designer of Twelve South’s BookArc, recently emailed me regarding the product, which I reviewed in 2009 (and still use to this day). Nothing too out of the ordinary yet, right? Right. But, what was out of the ordinary was that his email was part of an email thread between us that was started (and ended) two years ago! (Before I reviewed the BookArc, I invited others to share with me their experiences with the product; this conversation started with Andrew emailing me in response to that post.)

Long story short, his most recent email was to let me know that their newest BookArc inserts likely fit my MacBook Pro a bit more snugly, and that he wanted to send me some.

When’s the last time a company wrote to you–completely unprovoked–to tell you that a niggle you mentioned in a conversation years ago had been resolved, and that they’d like for you to give it a shot?

The whole exchange blew me away. Incredible.

(For what it’s worth, the new insert is a perfect fit, and the cable management system is nice too (and complements well the solution I illustrate at the bottom of this post).)

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