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GDGT makes your gadget lists accessible
1 min read

GDGT makes your gadget lists accessible

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but GDGT has implemented something I asked for a couple of years ago, namely publicly-accessible (i.e., no GDGT account required), user-specific gadget lists.

They’ve long offered an embeddable widget to display your wants, has and had lists¹, but I wanted to be able to reference each list by URI (at the GDGT site). Co-founder Ryan Block responded to my aforelinked request, and kind of hinted such a thing was coming. Well, it’s here.

If you’ve any interest in psycho-analyzing my gadget problem, my had list might be a good place to start. (Note that this list is still missing a number of my early mobile phones, PDAs, headphones, etc.)

  1. Until just a few minutes ago, this widget had long been embedded at https://polymath.nethttps://polymath.net, but that address now simply points to my GDGT profile.
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