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Think twice before buying from
1 min read

Think twice before buying from

If for whatever reason you’re thinking about buying something from Undefeated, you should know that they don’t accept returns, for any reason. I learned that the hard way this week when a pair of shoes I ordered turned out to be a half-size too large, as the below exchange illustrates.

Me: Hey guys, got the shoes, but they’re a little too big. Can I exchange them for a size 9 (if you have them in stock)? Either way—exchange or return—please let me know what I should do next.

Undefeated: Size 9 is out of stock and cannot be switched out. We do not process returns, and if you wish to make an exchange, you will have to it for an item or items up to the value of the item you purchased.

Me: To be clear, you’re telling me I can’t return the shoes for a refund? I emailed you guys with the size issue just 30 minutes after the shoes were delivered. The right shoe was worn for maybe 30 seconds, indoors, and on carpet. The left shoe never came out of the box.

Undefeated: Per our FAQ and terms of use page…

Me: You might want to make that more clear to new customers. I’m not in the habit of checking FAQs and terms-of-use on established shopping sites, as I think the only place I’ve bought from in the last decade that doesn’t accept returns is eBay (and even there it’s often an option). I lost $142.43, and you lost a customer.

(Related: If any of you wants a pair of Adidas ZX500 OGs in a US 9.5, please let me know. They’re out of stock most everywhere.)

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