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So my dad calls me...
1 min read

So my dad calls me...

(This is an email a close friend of mine sent me this morning. I knew you guys would enjoy it. So, enjoy.)

So my dad calls me yesterday and he asks for my address. He tells me he needs to sell that old convertible he bought a while back (the one from 1980 that he thinks is awesome). I say, “ok”. Then he tells me that he’s going to mail me some pictures of the car and he wants me to put it on Craigslist.

OK, he’s going to physically mail me some pictures of the car, so I can scan them and put it on Craigslist.

For a second I’m thinking that’s a rather obtuse way of doing things, but alright. Then I ask him, “Hey, why don’t you just take the pictures with mom’s digital camera?”. And he says, “I did, that’s how I printed the pictures. I’m at Walgreen’s right now.”

So, let’s recap:

  1. My dad takes pictures with a DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Drives to Walgreen’s
  3. PRINTS them out
  4. Puts them in an envelope and drives to the POST OFFICE
  5. Where it will be put on a plane and then driven to my house
  6. So that I can use my iPhone to take a picture of the picture
  7. And upload it to Craigslist.

This is how your family does it too, right?

I fucking love this family.

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