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1 min read and reminder notifications

I really wish more of the 1,000,001 simple reminder/task apps available for iOS handled notifications the way Due does. Since I started using Due a few years ago I’ve come across no other app in this space that has as good an overall experience, especially with regard to how it manages reminder notifications.

Unlike every other app I’ve seen, when Due issues a system notification to tell you something is due, the notification persists until you clear the task, and by “persist” I mean to say the app continues sending you notifications every hour (or minute, you nutcase) until you jump into it and mark the item as having been completed (or defer it…and it has great defer options).

This may sound annoying, and for some types of tasks I suspect it would be, but for the things I use Due for (namely everything I don’t throw into OmniFocus), it’s a godsend. It allows me to “defer” the completion of a task without requiring me to input anything—when I see the notification I know that if I don’t act on it I’ll be reminded again in an hour. Awesome.

As you can imagine, this is great for (recurring) tasks that don’t necessarily need to be completed by/at the specified time, but instead can be done within some hours-wide window; e.g., a daily workout routine, weekly status updates you send to your manager, a reminder to call a friend on Saturday (set it for 9AM and have it bug you every hour until you do it), etc.

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