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So, um, hrm, I, uh, put a case on my iPhone 6 Plus
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So, um, hrm, I, uh, put a case on my iPhone 6 Plus

I’ve owned 50+ phones since 1999 and I’ve never used a case. Not once. The iPhone 6 Plus has forced my hand.

It will surprise no one to hear that I’m not a “case guy”. They offend me, and surely they offend the designers of the device they’re meant to protect. But, every once in a while, a product comes along that requires a case, and unfortunately, the iPhone 6 Plus falls into this category.

The issue is that this phone is SLIPPERY. It’s like a wet fish. It feels like Teflon. Seriously, it’s uncomfortable to hold the phone a lot of the time—especially if your hands are dry at all (and you live in dry-ass California, like me)—for fear that it’s just going to fly off and slice someone open, or worse, hit the ground.

So, what did I buy? It’s called The Scarf (ugh), and it’s great. It’s .3mm thin (you read that right), weighs next to nothing (0.2 ounces), and fits the 6 Plus like a glove; in other words, it hardly exists at all (especially in the clear/white color I got). Moreover, it’s just  $9.99 at Amazon.

It’s finished with a slightly rough texture that provides a nice amount of friction when you hold it. Is it going to protect your phone from a 10-foot drop? Probably not, but that’s not why I bought it. I bought it to make the phone more comfortable to hold and use, and it does that exceedingly well. Plus—and maybe this is the strongest endorsement I can give—I’m not embarrassed by it.

If you’re an aesthete and a minimalist, this probably is the case for you.

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