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Links for 2020-10-26
1 min read

Links for 2020-10-26

  1. We finally know what a dinosaur’s butthole looks like [Slate]
  2. Introducing Halide Mark II. Pretty pumped for this. Halide has long been my go-to when shooting on the iPhone. (Instagram plug.) [Halide]
  3. Babies’ random choices become their preferences. “People assume they choose things that they like, but the new research suggests that’s sometimes backward: We like things because we choose them, and we dislike things that we don’t choose.” [Johns Hopkins University]
  4. Dopamine does double duty in motivating cognitive effort [Cell]
  5. Daisugi, the 600-year-old japanese technique of growing trees out of other trees, creating perfectly straight lumber [Open Culture]
  6. Devastating data-viz animation showing COVID-19 taking over “red” states between Spring and Summer/Fall [Dan Goodspeed]
  7. David Fincher confirms Mindhunter is probably done. Well, FUCK. [Vanity Fair]
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