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Introducing (mostly) daily links
1 min read

Introducing (mostly) daily links

I’ve launched something like this in many different forms over the last two decades, but am now convinced that the configuration I've settled on—linking to a number of interesting articles in a single post, instead of individually—is the way to go.

I read A LOT each day, and have various ways of pushing interesting things out to those I think will care about them, but of course those efforts never show up publicly as nearly everything is hidden in personal messaging systems. I want to get away from that a bit, and back to building up a body of work.

I think this layout makes the most sense even if you’re providing additional (if brief) commentary on the links. On the publishing side, as on the consumption side, it’s just simpler (and really the only polite way to do it if many of your subscribers are getting your stuff via email).

After farting around with styling ordered lists, I landed on a design I like, namely leading zeros and additional spacing between the numbers and the associated content. It’s amazing what you can get away with these days using only CSS. (Of course all of this will be lost via email delivery 🤬.)

Finally, one other thing I thought about was the permalinks for these multiple-link posts, and settled on “[day of month]-links.” Together with the rest of my permalink structure, the full slug will be “/year/month/day-links,” which I think is quite elegant. 🤷🏼‍♂️

If I don’t put it out there that I’m doing this—as I am with this very post—I won’t be bound to it; no matter how manyfew people actually are looking forward to it, the fact that I’ve put it out there makes it a priority for me.

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