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Links for 2020-11-15
1 min read

Links for 2020-11-15

  1. Application trust is hard, but Apple does it well. Excellent piece on the OCSP debacle that brought many our Macs to their knees last week, and a nice discussion on modern app auth generally. I can’t speak for my colleagues, but I can tell you that my entire Thursday last week was fucked by this; not only could I not launch anything, but there was nothing I could do to even try to identify what was going on, because everything was so laggy and non-responsive as to be utterly unusable. [Security Embedded]
  2. Black sun: amorphous flocks of starlings swell above the danish marshlands [Colossal]
  3. This ‘telewriter’ transmitted handwriting across long distances in the 1930s [Gizmodo]
  4. Stonehenge was part of a multi-monument complex. Here’s how it fit together. [National Geographic]
  5. Solar system formed in less than 200,000 years []
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