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Links for 2021-01-25
1 min read

Links for 2021-01-25

  1. Optical-relayed entanglement distribution using drones as mobile nodes [American Physical Society]
  2. Here's what we know sex with Neanderthals was like [Zaria Gorvett / BBC]
  3. What is 'error-correcting memory' and why does the creator of Linux think you need it? [Ernie Smith / MOTHERBOARD]
  4. Why you’re more creative in coffee shops. "Research shows that the stimuli in these places make them effective environments to work; the combination of noise, casual crowds and visual variety can give us just the right amount of distraction to help us be our sharpest and most creative." This is definitely something I've been missing. I do my best work—creative stuff, reading, work work—in these kinds of environments, and have always sought them out. [Bryan Lufkin / BBC]
  5. Reverse engineering Prodigy, Part 1 [Phillip Heller / Vintage Computing and Gaming]
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