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Links for 2021-03-01
1 min read

Links for 2021-03-01

  1. An RSS feed listing all newly released books from your favorite authors []
  2. 11 piping hot facts about Pop-Tarts. Who doesn't/didn't love Pop-Tarts? [Mental Floss]
  3. Flim. "Flim is the answer to the statement: images are everywhere, movies, TV, music-clips, internet. Images are needed at every creative process level. From Fashion to design, via cinema and music video. Flim is the best tool for iconographic search." This is pretty fucking amazing. [Flim]
  4. Dock Pong is bite-sized Pong for your Mac "iOS engineer Neil Sardesai just paid homage to one of the oldest games in gaming history: pong. The engineer created a Mac pong version that runs smoothly on your dock — yes, your dock — and can be increased or decreased in size by toggling the panel with your mouse." Love it! [Input]
  5. A.I. generates 3D virtual concerts from sound only. "The clips on the right are generated by AI. Turn any audio file into 3d virtual piano concert with one click. The AI extracted notes from raw audio and generated the appropriate playing technique, hand and body animation." 🤯 [ Fayez Salka / YouTube]
  6. Scientists discover massive 'pipeline' in the cosmic web connecting the universe. "[S]cientists...have spotted what they describe as a “pipeline” gas filament feeding an enormous galaxy that formed when the universe was 2.5 billion years old, about one fifth of its current age. The discovery, which was years in the making, confirms long-standing models that suggest star-forming material is delivered to huge galaxies via these cosmic filaments." [Becky Ferreira / Vice]
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