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Links for 2021-06-01
1 min read

Links for 2021-06-01

  1. The secret to being witty. "The wittiest among us are simply people who make unusual connections between words and ideas. There’s a refreshing element of surprise to these observations that prompts a smile or a wince from the listener who didn’t see the link until it was presented." Wit is basically my raison d'etre and is the highest compliment you can pay me. I wish there were more opportunities for that to come across in my writing.
  2. A new way to press NES controller buttons is shaking up competitive Tetris. Incredible, but is there any type of Tetris other than “competitive?”
  3. The full story of the stunning RSA hack can finally be told. A good read, but some of the pieces seemed to fit together a bit too…easily?
  4. Scientists image atoms with record resolution close to absolute physical limits. “[It] can reconstruct ultraprecise images with one-trillionth of a meter precision. You can see individual atoms and the chemical bonds in molecules. […] ‘This doesn’t just set a new record,’ Muller said. ‘It’s reached a regime which is effectively going to be an ultimate limit for resolution. We basically can now figure out where the atoms are in a very easy way. This opens up a whole lot of new measurement possibilities of things we’ve wanted to do for a very long time.’”
  5. The 25 best educational podcasts for learning what you missed in school. Pretty good round-up. I already was subscribed to most of them, but did find some new gems too.
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