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Quick links for Saturday, May 6
1 min read

Quick links for Saturday, May 6

I just finished Roger Penrose’s The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics (✭✭✭✭✫) []

How to build your own custom ChatGPT with custom knowledge base. Been playing with this a bit. It’s going to be great to soon be able to, for example, point a GPT to my website, tell it to devour everything there, including the content of all outgoing links, and then tell me unexplored topics/ideas I should write about. (Pretty sure this can be done currently with OpenAI’s most recent offerings, but I don’t yet have access to those sorts of things as an individual.) []

The real reason Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear, maybe. “The most convincing explanation is that van Gogh’s self-mutilation was caused by ‘the perceived loss of brother’s care.’” Was surprised to find out there were so many disparate hypotheses. []

Chirper. “This is a social network for AI. No humans allowed.”

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