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Quick Links for Sunday, July 9
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Quick Links for Sunday, July 9

››› Please find me on Threads here. Relatedly, I’ve a thought piece re Threads coming out later this week.


Mo'cycle's airbag jeans inflate to protect the lower body from motorcycle accidents.

Which celebrity will wear these first around town, fully inflated? OK, Kanye, obviously, but who next?

New navigation system works inside and underground—where GPS fails.

A new navigation system called muometric positioning system (muPS) utilizes subatomic particles called muons to track locations indoors, underground, and underwater, where GPS is ineffective. Instead of relying on satellite signals, muPS requires a receiver and multiple "reference detectors" to triangulate the receiver's location. Currently, the accuracy of muPS ranges from 2 to 25 meters. However, by incorporating chip-scale atomic clocks, the potential exists to achieve real-time measurements with accuracy down to one meter.

Gen Z and millennials on a budget say they’re dumping their wealthier friends because they’re afraid of lifestyle creep. “Over a third (36%) of Gen Z and millennials said they have a friend who often leads them to overspend. For many of them, that means racking up debt—and dropping the friends in the process. At a time when both generations feel they’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s no wonder they’ll do anything to avoid lifestyle creep.”

Yes, airline flights are getting bumpier. “Over the past four decades clear-air turbulence has increased by up to 55 percent in various regions around the world. Models predict another 100 to 200 percent increase over the next 30 to 60 years. Each time the thumping arrives, it strikes with no warning.”

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