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Quick Links for Sunday, September 10
1 min read

Quick Links for Sunday, September 10

This boss had a corner office on every floor, because his office was an elevator. Now this shit is next(/previous)-level. See what I did there?

Making a medieval book, the complete process from start to finish. This is incredible. Dennis, a self-taught bookbinder, creates a book using primarily 15-century methods and materials. The video—which has no sound—collapses 60 hours of work into 24 minutes. It’s amazing and I highly recommend watching it.

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover's oxygen-making experiment, MOXIE, is a wild success. (MOXIE stands for “Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment”, and you just know they added “in-situ” to make the acronym. I love it.) “MOXIE has the ability to take carbon dioxide molecules from Mars' thin atmosphere, which are made of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms, and pluck those oxygen bits out. The hard part, however, is that this process requires a temperature of approximately 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit, and would need to be done in a variety of conditions that take place on Mars as the planet progresses through its year. The former of these hurdles was sorted by MOXIE being made of heat-tolerant materials, including nickel alloy parts, a lightweight aerogel and a gold coating that can reflect infrared heat and therefore keep Perseverance safe from MOXIE's scorching situation.”

Every construction machine explained in 15 minutes.

The storied history of the Hollywood sign.

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