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I’ve finally found some time to put up a photo gallery. After quite a bit of research I decided on a PHP-based solution known, appropriately enough, as Gallery. My hosting provider had neither netPBM (a photo manipulation toolkit) nor jhead (parses information from the exif header of jpeg images) installed, and so I had to put those on the machine. Nothing major.

The installation/configuration of Gallery was really quite simple. Granted, there were a few aesthetic things I had to hack around, namely, the fact that it would put up thumbnails for all of the albums listed on the main page when I just wanted text lists.

After much consternation, I opted to not put it ‘inside’ the CMS I’m using. Not only would it open up a whole host of problems to have to spend time hacking around, but I don’t know how long I’ll continue using this CMS as there are a couple of others I’d like to try out.

Without further ado, the photos.

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