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Make it stop!
1 min read

Make it stop!

Well, it seems as if I’m developing Carpal-tunnel syndrome. Going on just my quick net research, CPS looks to be the thing that most closely matches up with my symptoms. It started out as a slight tingle in my left pinky finger about a month ago. Since then it has become increasingly worse and infinitely more annoying. I would say that 90% of the time now my left pinky is just kind of numb and the finger next to it is starting to tingle. While the strength in those fingers hasn’t decreased, the fact that they feel like they’re asleep most of the time is quite scary.

I have an appointment with my physician back home over xmas break. Hopefully, he can give me some kind of diagnosis and either prescribe something or refer me to someone who can ‘fix’ it. shrug

I like to tell myself that it was unavoidable. I mean, I literally sit in front of a computer 65% of the day and have done that for ~10 years. I guess it had to catch up with me sometime, but damn, I’m only 22. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully this can be remedied.

note I can’t complain about my pinky condition without yelling at emacs — the main editor I use. the control-x-s save combination is killing my poor little pinky.

WARNING: Potential nerds beware — it’s dangerous.

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