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Back in Gainesville
1 min read

Back in Gainesville

Just arrived back in Gainesville. Looking to spend the next few hours cleaning up/organizing my room because it is COMPLETELY disheveled at the moment. I’m also thinking about putting some search functionality into the site so that might go live tonight, though I doubt it — too much other stuff to get done.

Not looking forward to getting back into the fast-food routine again. While on break I was spoiled by great food from my dad, grandma, and friend’s parents. shrug Whaddya gonna do?

Much to my liking, it doesn’t look as if anyone will be moving in this semester, leaving the four-bedroom apartment to myself and Carlos. Two of my best friends moved out over break as they graduated last semester and so I was slightly worried about them putting in two complete strangers. I guess there is still time for them to move in but it seems unlikely. If I talk about some people moving in later then someone please remind me to edit this entry so as to not let the new guys see what I wrote. 😛

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