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For the love of god!
2 min read

For the love of god!

So, I was all hyped up today. The tracking information on the UPS website told me that my replacement wireless router would arrive today. It did. I want you all to take a stab at what was wrong with the replacement? That’s right! Exactly the same thing that was wrong with the initial router — it was BROKEN.

They sent me a broken router! I call them up, the tech guy walks me through all the shit he walked me through the last time (I remember it vividly because it was only 2.5 weeks ago!). Meanwhile, all I’m thinking in my head is that this is such a waste of time, but I told myself to hold it together as this guy was simply doing his job. Surprise surprise, he determines that it’s broken. He gives me the RMA number or whatever so that I can call the ‘return’ people.

Here’s where it gets good. Here’s where I get LIVID. I’m on the phone with the return lady explaining to her the situation. After that’s done and she takes down all of my information I ask her if there is any way that the shipment of the router can be expedited this time because as it stood I had already been without one for 2.5 weeks.

Hold on to your seats because here is the real kicker. Sir, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do that. We’ll need you to send back the replacement so we can take a look at it. Then, we’ll most likely send you another one. WHAT!#@$@!#$!#@$ Am I wrong here or is that completely ass-backwards? I understand that I have two of their routers at the moment (one of which I payed for and both of which are BROKEN), but they have my credit-card information and have NO reason not to send me another one.

So yeah, estimated time of arrival for the router when it is all said and done: at least 1.5 months since it initially died. UNACCEPTABLE. I told the lady to forget it and that I would send back my original router. Went out and bought the cheapest Linksys I could find (less than $80 with tax).

It’s working like a charm and with better signal strength than the D-Link. I swear, if this one breaks after a few months like the last one, I’m building my own.  😛

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