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Not amused
2 min read

Not amused

It’s been a very bad day. I have been told that I’m not going to graduate this semester. I’m petitioning it. Apparently, I’m not allowed to put more than 3 credits of programming courses toward the 18 credits of tech elective courses I must take. I was not made aware of this until TODAY when I went to fill out my exit interview. One advisor said all was well (as they’ve always said), but another advisor, whom I asked the same question because I’m anal-retentive, told me that I was missing 3 tech-elective credits.

I’m obviously extremely upset about this and almost lost it today in my advisor’s office. I have too much stuff lined up for the summer as some of you know, and being made to take a course would throw a HUGE wrench in everything. The fact is, I took CGS3460 (C) and CIS4930 (C++) and received an A in both. I was under the impression that I could take 4930 because I thought that the 3 credit programming rule applied only to 3000-level courses. I took CGS3460 quite a few semesters ago and took CIS4930 last semester. I WOULD NOT have signed up for the course if I knew that it wouldn’t count toward my degree. Period. Given the way that I am, I’m sure I went over it MORE THAN ONCE with an advisor before signing up for it.

The best part is that on ISIS, our online degree-auditing system, it says that everything is fine and that all requirements have been met. Go figure.

So, if it turns out that I have to take a class over the summer, not only will I have to pay for another course, BUT it will also render implausible any internship plans I might have had, not to mention the fact that the time I spent last semester on the C++ course will be all for not.

At the end of the day, 4930 was a 4000-level programming course and my major is computer engineering. It’s not like I took in-line skating and tried to pass it off as a tech elective. It was a genuine, honest oversight by myself and the advisors and I don’t feel that I should be penalized because of it, especially to the extent of my graduation being postponed. We’ll see what happens. Like I said, it’s being petitioned. Fingers are crossed.    🙁

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