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No excuses
1 min read

No excuses

Quick question: Why can’t a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, capable of voice-dialing, tell you who is calling through your Bluetooth headset? Give up? Allow me to let you in on a little secret — there is NO reason!

I just don’t understand why, when Jennifer calls me up, I can’t get a quick ring in my ear, followed by my voice saying Jennifer (which was recorded by me earlier for voice-dialing).

As far as I can tell, it would work EXACTLY the same way as phones do now: receive the call, match the number to the name in your phonebook, and display the name (for those not following: caller-ID). All I’m asking is for it to go one step further and say the name through the Bluetooth headset using the name previously recorded for that particular person — why must we be tethered visually to the phone? The ability to do this isn’t far off I’m sure, but damn it, this should have been a priority from jump.

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