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A great place to call home
1 min read

A great place to call home

Lately I’ve been looking for (stressing over) a place to live in California as I’m headed out there for law school in the fall. As some of you might already know, the area I’m moving to (Silicon Valley) is just about the most expensive in the nation. I ran across a rather funny ad on Craigslist that kind of solidified how ridiculously expensive it is out there. The following is an excerpt from said ad:

$700 – A Great Place to Call Home


I’m looking for a responsible non-smoker to be my roommate. I have a 2BD/2BA mobile-home in Sunnyvale on the Santa Clara border. It’s in Adobe Wells, a quiet mobile-home-park at the corner of Tasman and Lawrence Expressway.

That’s right, $700/mo for a room in a mobile home. Unbelievable. I’ve told this story to a few friends already and am linking to the actual ad to silence the naysayers. Check it out here.

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