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Should've gotten the math minor
1 min read

Should've gotten the math minor

Most of you know that I’ve been looking for a summer job for a few weeks now. It’s hard to find a decent job when you can only work for the next two months and then are headed clear across the continent. Anyways, I stumbled upon an awesome opportunity: redesign the online version of the Alligator — our ‘school’ newspaper and the largest college paper in the nation. I received the following e-mail earlier tonight:

Hey Justin,

Sorry for the long reply time, but here at the Alligator there is a bylaw that only allows students to work in the Editorial department. Since you are currently in-between student status, I was trying to find a way for us to be able to use you. Unfortunately, the CEO said that there is no possibility of non-students working for any part of our Editorial department, which includes Online. Sorry about this. I thought you were very qualified for the job and would have liked to have brought you in for an interview. Any more questions, feel free to write back.

Alex Bayevsky

Managing Editor/New Media

The Independent FL. Alligator

I’m pretty disappointed. I think it would have been a great job. I should have taken the one class that I needed for a math minor; I would have been eligible for student jobs on campus and this Alligator gig.  :

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