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Doing my thang
1 min read

Doing my thang

I purchased a Sony Ericsson T68i yesterday (it arrived today), and yes, I’ve owned this phone before. I’m getting rid of my current Nokia 7250 for four reasons:

  • The Nokia doesn’t have Bluetooth
  • The PowerBook doesn’t have IR
  • iSync in OS X directly supports the T68i through Bluetooth
  • Leftover money from selling the 7250

The PowerBook doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth (it’s currently available only on the 12′ and 17 models — I have the 15) and so I ordered the D-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter from Apple. Some of you might be quick to remember how I detest D-Link, but the fact remains, I need to sync my mobile phone with my PowerBook. I suck.

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