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Current book
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Current book

I just added another little thing to the menu bar on the left. Below the ‘search’ you will find a section called ‘Current Book,’ and you guessed it, it links to the book that I’m currently reading. As long as I’m still reading the book, the book name will remain up there. Hopefully, this will encourage me to finish the book as soon as possible so that it doesn’t look like I’ve been reading it for days on end.

Speaking of reading, the book I’m currently enjoying (see menu to the left, hah) is incredibly engaging. After giving a brief overview of genetics, it goes on to explain how all of us (all 81 billion ‘modern’ humans who have ever lived — a calculation he gives in the book) are more intricately related than most would like to believe. Though none of this is news to me, Mr. Olson scientifically ties it all together using genetics and logic. The book essentially abolishes the idea of race, because that is exactly what it is: an idea.

Speaking of race (wow, this post is just segueing all over the place), be sure not to miss Hitler: The Rise of Evil tonight on CBS at 9:00. It’s a four-hour mini-series (two hours today and two more Tuesday night) chronicling his life and rise to power.

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