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Too many variables
1 min read

Too many variables

Ugh. Looking for a place to live clear across the continent is no small task. I’ve been searching and searching and searching. Yesterday my dad brought up the idea of buying a condo out there in the Valley. Well, umm, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s pretty much the most expensive place in the nation to live.

To this end, I’ve found that almost anything available for $200K and under is a mobile home. It’s insane. I have found a few possible condos, but won’t know anything for sure until we actually go out there and take a look, which isn’t going to happen for quite a while. Ideally, I’ll end up in a 1br/1ba apartment and/or condo (more likely the former), but who knows, perhaps I’ll just get an RV and rent space at a campground with WiFi. The possibilities are endless. Bleh.

While I’m still on the wonderful-news train I guess I should talk about the job situation. I think I’ve given out my resume to every single employer in Gainesville whose job description merely mentions computers. If I hear anything back, it’s usually 1.) You’re over-qualified or 2.) The job has been filled. I almost want to lie; to say that I plan on working there for the rest of my life (not just the next two months) and that I see myself going far within the company. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Damn it, just bring me in, give me a large, demanding project, and ship me back out.

I will be doing some web work for my dad sometime this summer, and perhaps for some other doctors as well. Who knows.

Headed out for some Jai-Aila action now. Hopefully I’ll make a few bucks on the four dollars I have in my pocket. I lost five dollars.

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