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Back in Florida
1 min read

Back in Florida

I arrived back in Florida yesterday morning. I ended up finding a pretty nice apartment in Santa Clara: less than two miles from the school, covered parking, six blocks from Westfield, the biggest mall in the valley and perhaps the biggest mall I’ve ever seen — at least 3x bigger than any mall I’ve ever lived near, air-conditioning (I’ve come to find that this is a rarity in northern California), completely renovated last year, GSM coverage, and a liquor store across the street. Good stuff.

Save the car accident, the trip to California was an otherwise fun (stress == fun, right?) and productive excursion.

All that’s left to do now is everything: ship all of my stuff, schedule the setup of utilities (digital cable, cable internet, electricity, etc.), change the address on all credit cards/bank accounts/a billion websites, purchase and ship some new furniture and other household necessities, blah blah blah. Moving across the country has turned into a bigger headache than I had anticipated. It’s nothing that can’t be organized and executed efficiently, but it’s requiring more work than I thought it would.

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