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Rolling with the punches
3 min read

Rolling with the punches

We all know that my luck certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve inherited this from my father and when we are together it always seems to be doubly bad. As the story goes, we were stopped at a red light, bickering back and forth as usual, when a car, on the other side of the road coming in the opposite direction, ran the light while the driver was talking on his mobile phone, something he conceded right away. This car was carrying himself, two women, and a baby. Another car was going through the intersection and got nailed by the first car. Both cars came across the median; the second car hit the back of ours. A fourth car, behind us, was hit as well. No one was hurt. The guy at fault had no license, but did happen to have insurance. The lady driving the second car was driving on a suspended license. It came as no surprise to us that our car was the last one to get towed. A good 45 minutes passed from the time that the first car was towed to the time that our tower arrived. Our luck. We lost 3-4 hours because of this whole misadventure, which may not seem like much, but when you are clear across the continent for four days and have to find a place to live before you leave, every minute counts.

Most of yesterday was spent calling apartments, getting a quote on their cheapest 1BR/1BA, and then promptly hanging up the phone only to once again complain about how expensive it is to live out here, where air-conditioning is not only the exception to the rule, but quite rare in a sub-$1000 apartment. Ridiculous.

Yesterday evening we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway in the convertible as the sun was going down. It was so incredibly gorgeous; I’m afraid I’m going to be forever spoiled. The driving here is going to be absolutely amazing. The first thing I’m going to do (outside of the 456243 things involved with moving across the country) when I arrive here for good is get in my new car and drive, drive, drive. The hills, weather, and views make for perfect driving conditions. I’ll admit, I’m a little apprehensive given my last ticket, but that isn’t going to deter me from soaking all of this sick road up.

After today’s accident we got our sanity in shape by having some of the best Mexican food of my life. This particular restaurant is less than a quarter-mile from the place that I think I most want to live. I say think because of the fact that we went by the place four times today and never got to talk to a leasing agent. The entire complex is locked down and you have to call the leasing office from the gate outside before you can even set foot inside the ‘fort.’ No one ever came to the door (yes, they were open). Hopefully tomorrow they will be a little more accommodating, else they’re just going to have to live without me.

Though this trip has left little time for relaxing and sight-seeing, we did manage to make it up to San Francisco today. What a beautiful city. Wow. I can definitely see myself making that trip quite often. I’ve been asked by a couple of people to see the pictures I’ve taken while here. Unfortunately, I’ve taken much fewer pictures than I would have liked, but again, this isn’t really vacation time. I do plan to post some of these pictures though, probably sometime next week. You’ll notice that I’ve actually removed the photos link from the menu bar. This is because I went ahead and got the full .Mac account earlier tonight and so I’m going to start moving all of my online pictures over to that, at least until MT adds support for photo albums.

Well, I have to call it a night. It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer.

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