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Let me go
1 min read

Let me go

The kind and concerned folks over at NetIdentity (formerly MailBank) are about to get on my last nerve. I’ve had through them for almost six years now. Yes, I bought four years ago and have been forwarding everything there from day one, but I just didn’t want to give up the other address, especially to someone else with the same name. Silly, I know.

Anyways, the company e-mailed me about 10 times before the account was set to expire to let me know that I should renew. Now, it’s been three full weeks since I let the account die and they’re still sending me e-mails about how it will soon expire; each one a little more urgent than the last — Renew now! Don’t let someone else take your name. They’ve sent an e-mail every three days since the account expired.

I’m curious to see how long they’ll keep this up. I can still login to the account and my status is still active. What really gets me is that when they were MailBank I distinctly remember paying them $50 for a lifetime account — I guess they meant the lifetime of the name — who knows. No matter, I just don’t care anymore. That’s right, all you other Justin Blantons out there are free to take the address, but it looks like you’ll have to convince NetIdentity to release it first.

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