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We all know that going to the DMV is about as fun as watching paint dry, but it has to be done. Previous experience told me that I’d probably have to wait a little when I got there. That previous experience was from DMVs in Florida, not California, where I liken the experience to waiting in line at Disney on opening day of a new ride. I’m dead serious.

I went in yesterday, waited 10 minutes before I could actually talk to someone, and was then given #G306 — they were on #G94. After striking up conversation with the lady sitting next to me, she informed me that I would need more than one form of identification to move my drivers license over from Florida (i.e., my perfectly valid, current, non-expired drivers license was not enough to prove my identity); they wanted either an original birth certificate or a passport. I don’t have the birth certificate here and my passport is expired — it will have to do.

I headed home and then went back down there today, passport in hand. I got there 30 minutes after it opened (which didn’t mean that everyone and their brother didn’t do the same thing; in fact, it took 10 minutes to park) and received #G116. I was money. I strolled around the building, not unlike a high school gym with rows and rows and rows of seats circling the center area where all the DMV people stood, guarded by their plastic, chest-high fort, and after circling twice, finally found a seat.

It would only be a few minutes before my number was called. Number G43, window 21 please. Hrm, I’m far back in the line, but not nearly as far back as yesterday. I can stick this out. 45 minutes go by. No new G (non-appointment) numbers have been called yet. At this rate, four new Disney rides will have been unveiled by the time I get out of here. I

left and decided to try out the online appointment-maker thing on their website. It’s down. I give up.

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