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Radiohead concert
1 min read

Radiohead concert


This is a picture from the Radiohead concert that I went to last week at the Shoreline Amphitheater. As usual, I forgot my damn camera and had to resort to the shitty one on the mobile phone.

I obviously meant to put this picture up last week, but there were several hangups. The first was that I installed the OS X 10.2.8 update which broke all kinds of things including the ability to send files from my phone to my computer through Bluetooth (of course syncing and sending from the computer to the phone work fine). So then I tried to send over e-mail from my phone to myself. That didn’t work because the Cingular network is all funked up (I can’t even receive e-mails through it right now :). The next option was to try to send it through IR on a friend’s PC. No go. IR port wouldn’t open. Finally, I just brought my Bluetooth dongle to class, plugged it into a friend’s Mac (she hadn’t yet applied the 10.2.8 update) and sent it to her computer. I’d like to say that all of the effort was worth it, but really, did you look at the picture?  :P

If I had time this would be the spot where I would go into a long rant about Radiohead and how they are one of my favorite bands of all time and blah blah blah, but most of you already know that, so I digress. Needless to say, the concert was excellent. I hope to see them again someday (hopefully next time I’ll have better seats and won’t forget my camera).

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