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How do you like them apples?
1 min read

How do you like them apples?

I must admit that I’m a little relieved after getting off the phone with the Apple people. After re-sending my PowerBook back to them, I was expecting to have the computer back no earlier than the 12th given previous experience and the the New Year’s holiday. Much to my delight, it was actually scheduled to be delivered today — unbelievable! Listen to this: I shipped it back to them on the 31st, the next day was New Years, they received it on the 2nd, fixed it, and shipped it back out the same day! If there hadn’t been a holiday and a weekend in the middle of all of this, I would have had it sent off, repaired, and back in my hands in less than 44 hours!

I won’t even be back in California until Wednesday and so I called Airborne Express and had them delay the delivery until Thursday. Let’s hope that this time around it arrives unharmed.

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